ProBall Baseball
Our mission is to provide top quality baseball instruction in a professional and positive learning environment. Proball prides itself on using the most advanced knowledge available for training both physical and mental aspects of baseball. Our model for training is individual-specific, results-oriented and comprehensive. We expect our clients to advance their playing status in a systematic and timely manner. We believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of success but useless if not converted into tangible results.

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Pitching Lesson
Our Pitching lessons $65-$75 for 30 min. Start with an evaluation, from there we will work on each aspect of your mechanics that needs improvement. Our specialty Coaches will work on proper mechanics, posture and technique, consistent tempo, rhythm and timing, increase command of pitches, help with development of new pitches, Increased velocity and analysis of delivery.
Hitting Lesson
Our Hitting lessons $65-$75 for 30min. They consist of an initial swing evaluation. From there we will begin on Bat speed training, Swing path consistency, Developing power through rotational movement (controlling how the hips and shoulders are used to maximize power), Timing and vision (improving pitch selection and identification), Hitting to all 3 fields, Off-speed pitches (curveball, changeup, slider, etc.), Pitch selection and plate discipline, Mental approach to hitters/pitchers counts and develop proper swing mechanics.
Fielding or Throwing Lesson
Fielding or Throwing Lesson $65-$75 for 30 min training with a Proball Specialty Coach
Pitching Evaluation - $130
Our 60 min evaluation Process: Consists analysis of delivery, command of pitches, velocity, mechanics, posture, technique, tempo, rhythm and timing. Proball’s specialty Coach will then build a pitching lesson plan customized to the individual athlete.
Hitting Evaluation - $130
Our 60 min Hitting Evaluation Consists of: Swing Evaluation where we look at swing path consistency, Strengths and Weaknesses, Power, timing, How the athlete hits to all 3 fields, Baseball IQ with off-speed pitches. From the evaluation we will build a customized Hitting Lesson package for the individual athlete.

Mental Game Skills Training

Mental Game Training (call for appointment)
Teaching skills and training to assist athletes who are looking to gain control over the mental aspect of a sport. Each consultation and follow-up session(s) are a tailored fit program to the individual athlete, sport, age and skill level. They will be given tools and goals to better prepare for upcoming competitions, games and overall focus on improving performance. They will gain helpful tips and tools to continue to use as they develop within their sport [Age 7 and up]

$240 – Mental Game Training Evaluation (Consultation) - 60min
$180 – Mental Game Training Follow-up Sessions - 30m-45m

Call 714-545-2465 to schedule your Mental Game Skills Training Consultation today.

SAQ Training

SAQ Training (call for appointment)
Baseball Speed & Agility Training with Chris Sobonya

Target Training Areas: Speed, Agility, Quickness, Setup to Steal & Reaction, Flexibility and Recovery, Arm Care & Injury Prevention, Rotational Power for Hitting & Throwing.

*SAQ training will happen throughout the year. For more information or to be added to our SAQ Preferred Contact List, Please call ProBall's Mainline at 714-545-2465 or email:
Directions 2668 South Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, USA
(714) 545-2465